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My RRD statistic scripts, based on mitch's rrd scripts. The project is available at The original repo is available at


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This is a collection of scripts that draw some nice graphs with information about your system: cpu load, network load, free disk space and so on.

Various scripts are included. Most will be useful for everyone, but some are very special for my personal needs. You probably won't find them useful.

The scripts are not designed to be deployed on a server farm with hundreds of systems nor do they provide alerts if something goes wrong - they are completely passive. There are various other tools for these kind of scenarios (but if you do look for a small and simple solution for some local monitoring and alerting, have a look at


For starters, you will need the rrdtool package, bash (any sh-style shell might work, but currently it says #!/usr/bin/bash), the lockfile program, Perl and the RRDs Perl module (not available separately on CPAN, comes with the rrdtool package; available as librrds-perl on Debian/Ubuntu).

Some modules will need other things as well. You'll see it when something breaks :-)


See install.html for instructions.


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